Cat Crossing Farm

Tucked away in the rolling hills of Piedmont North Carolina is our farm Cat Crossing. Its acres of pastures, tall pines, old oaks are sanctuary for a stream of horses, cats and wildlife—and me.

After one recent long cold rain, a majestic wild tom turkey fed for an hour in the far corner of the south pasture. An ever-changing herd of up to nineteen whitetail deer freely wander the pastures from dawn to dusk—mostly does and fawns, but sometimes antlered bachelors.

Phoebes, titmice, cardinals, barn swallows, jays and mockingbirds are year-round residents, noisy in the mornings until they chirp themselves to roost. Buzzards—beautiful from the ground—spiral air currents in the brilliant blue Carolina sky, and if I’m lucky, the red-tailed hawk’s wings whisper flight music as she strafes just past my ear.

I brake for squirrels, stop to help turtles cross the road, rescue young snakes from my gang of curious cats. And every day, there are horses to feed and groom and tend and my continuing kitties, nine at the moment, some saved from shelters, some strays from starvation, and one remarkably intrepid fellow from an embedded collar.

Welcome to my wild world. I hope you can feel the breeze and warming sun and ice crystals sparkling in winter trees as you indulge yourself in my suspenses, romances and poetry.